Aside from the furniture and decor, lighting is another crucial aspect when planning your restaurant’s interior design. Why it may not seem like it, your chosen lighting will either make or break your customer’s dining experience.

That’s why you must understand how important the impact of your lighting is to your restaurant’s overall beauty. One thing you should know about lighting is that different lights impact a person’s mood.

So, to help you decide on what lighting to use in your restaurant, you can refer to the lighting we listed below, along with how they affect your customers.

Lightings Enhance Your Restaurant’s Details

The lighting of your restaurant is as vital as the furniture you choose to use. Lighting will help enhance the details around your restaurant. It can enhance the beauty of your furniture, which will help create the ambiance. 

We spoke with Elton from Adage Furniture, the largest seller of commercial furniture in Australia. He said, “Lighting in a restaurant is not just about visibility. It is a message to our subconscious. Lighting, furniture, and music all set the mood and shape the atmosphere of your venue”.

So, if you want to enhance the beauty of your furniture and decor, you should never forget to add proper lighting to your restaurant. Take it from the expert, and you’ll be glad you listen.

Lighting Affects Feelings

Different lighting can provide different effects to your customers. Below are the different types of lighting you can add to your restaurant and what effects they can provide:

Bright Light Heighten Emotions

If you aim to heighten your customer’s emotions every time they dine in your restaurant, you might want to install bright lighting. One research was even conducted, proving that too much bright light increases the magnitude of our emotions and affects our decision-making. 

If you’ve been to a jewelry store or a car showroom, you might already notice that the most expensive item in the room is displayed with a bright light focusing on them. This bright illumination heightens your desire to acquire that item, increasing the chance for it to be sold, no matter how expensive. 

That’s why bright lighting is highly recommended for high-energy settings like ice cream shops, fast-food chains, and family-friendly diners. Installing bright lighting in this setup will help stimulate your customers’ emotions, making the place more enjoyable.

Offer A Calm Mood With Ambient Lighting

Are you aiming for a more calm atmosphere for your restaurant? Then you should go for ambient lighting. 

If you want your customers to feel relaxed and calm while dining in your restaurant, yellow or warm tones are your best option. This lighting resembles the glow of a fireplace or candle, which can be very relaxing for the people around it. A study conducted showed ambient lighting helped improve the mood of older people. 

Ambient lighting is similar to dim light. If you’ve experienced how dim light makes you feel cozy and relaxed, know that ambient light will have the same effect on your customers.

Using the Right Lights Attracts People

Your restaurant’s lighting doesn’t only light up your space. It is also used to attract attention and increase your customers. Have you seen a restaurant that is properly lit? Doesn’t it look good? The ambiance the lighting creates surely makes you want to dine in that restaurant. 

That’s why if you are installing lights in your restaurant, you should choose the right ones and use them to amplify and grab customers’ attention. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Would you choose a poorly lit restaurant over one that’s lit properly?

So, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of proper lighting in attracting people to your restaurant. Choosing the right lighting must be included in your interior design strategy. 

Lighting Affects Appetite

You might haven’t heard of this before, but lighting can also affect appetite. If you want to help your customers boost their mood for good food, which may mean they’ll order more, then you should invest in proper lighting. 

For instance, blue lighting works best if you want your customer to feel famished when they sit at your restaurant table. Blue light, according to some observations, can intensify hunger. The hungrier your customers become, the more they will order from your menu. As a result, this will generate income for your business. 

Meanwhile, ambient light, besides calming your guests, can also help improve the wine-tasting experience. With this technique, you might even attract wine lovers to your establishment.

So, choose lighting according to what you are aiming for for your restaurant. Remember, different lighting has different effects on people. Therefore, you should choose wisely. 

Light Serves Its Purpose

Just like furniture, the lighting of your choice can affect the atmosphere of your restaurant as well as the mood and behavior of your customers. Hence, knowing the importance of lighting and what it could do for your business is vital. So, before you decide on what to go with, use the tips stated above and find the right lighting to enhance the look and vibe of your restaurant.

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