Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries, with a never-before-seen amount of people wanting to travel both short and long-term, both domestically as well as abroad. More affordable transportation and various price ranges of accommodation now mean that everyone can travel, and it seems as though everyone wants to, too.

The fast pace of life isn’t necessarily conducive to studying the traditional way, so many educational institutions have started offering online classes and courses of various levels and subjects, including online Hospitality and Management certificate programs.

Because of an increasing number of people who are interested in online hospitality management certifications and online hospitality courses, and a growing number of institutions that have decided to give all interested people the chance to earn a hospitality and tourism certificate online, we’ve compiled this article, which we encourage you to read on, because we will explain the different programs available, their requirements and potential career opportunities for holders of each.

What are two basic types of hospitality management courses?

Online hospitality management courses are usually offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels, depending on the applicant’s educational level and experience. Both of these have flexible class and project schedules and are tailored specifically for this day and age, and its fast pace of living. Both the undergraduate and graduate programs boast the latest in learning materials and methods ensuring their holders the most up-to-date knowledge and technologies from within the industry. Let’s look into some of the specifics of each of the two.

Undergraduate courses

Undergraduate courses offer fundamental level knowledge which is needed for entry-level positions within the industry. These types of programs are usually fairly quick and can get you certified within a year. These certifications will give you an opportunity to learn about customer service, event planning, food and beverage management, and other skills needed for entry-level positions such as travel agent, food service manager, or food service manager.

Graduate courses

Online graduate certificates in Hospitality Management are aimed at holders of bachelor’s degrees who are already members of the workforce. These people usually have to juggle work and family responsibilities so they appreciate the flexibility and student-centeredness of online graduate hospitality courses. Students get the chance to absorb the latest knowledge in focused fields of study, such as strategic and revenue management or organizational behavior, while keeping up to date with the most modern international hospitality standards and trends.

Students can enhance their career and earning opportunities while still keeping up with their everyday responsibilities which is a huge bonus, one that makes these online courses more and more popular each year.

What are the requirements of each?

While the requirements may, and likely will vary slightly between different institutions offering these courses, there are some common prerequisites that we have compiled to give you a basic understanding.

Undergraduate certificate programs usually require a high school diploma with transcripts, while graduate programs most often require the applicant to hold a relevant Bachelor’s degree from a related field, which should also be backed up by transcripts.

A minimum GPA along with SAT or GRE scores may be required by some institutions, but many are steering away from these in favor of relevant work experience, community service, letters of recommendation, and compelling statements of purpose.

Different careers and salaries

Since there is a large number of positions available to holders of online Hospitality Management certification, it’s of no surprise that the average expected salaries also vary greatly within the industry.  The range of these salaries spreads from Marketing managers at the top, with an average of $140,000 a year, to travel agents at the lower end with an expected average yearly salary of a bit over $46,000. Sales managers and Fundraising managers are also at a $100K plus level, reportedly earning around $130,000 and $107,000 per annum respectively, while Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners can expect to earn around $52,000 for the same period.

These statistics come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and are meant to give a basic overview, although the salaries will depend on multiple other factors including geographical location, worker’s experience, and similar variables.


In this age of travel, qualified workers within the hospitality industry are highly sought after. Hospitality Management Certification Online courses are specifically designed to equip students with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills, using the most modern learning technologies, techniques, and materials, in a highly flexible and student-focused learning environment. If you’re looking for a great number of various opportunities within a fast-growing industry, you should definitely consider getting a Hospitality Management Certification online and starting the career of your dreams!

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