Welcome to Saltwater Coastal Grill, where the serenity of the coast converges with the vibrancy of the world’s oceans. Nestled in the heart of Rosemont, our unique seafood restaurant promises an exceptional culinary journey that spans the globe, all while staying firmly rooted in our coastal heritage.

A Culinary Odyssey in Three Kitchens

At Saltwater, we take immense pride in our three distinct kitchens, each offering a unique and delightful experience:

  1. Raw Bar: A Symphony of Sea Flavors Our Raw Bar invites you on a refreshing journey through the crisp, clean flavors of the sea. Immerse yourself in a variety of fresh shellfish and seafood, including oysters, shrimp, and lobster, expertly paired with our signature sauces and accompaniments.
  2. Sushi World: Artistry in Every Roll In our Sushi World, we pay homage to the delicate art of sushi-making. Our expert sushi chefs craft a myriad of sushi, sashimi, and unique rolls using the freshest seafood, aromatic rice, and vibrant vegetables. From traditional offerings to innovative creations, each roll is a masterpiece of edible art.
  3. Coastal Grill: Where Land Meets Sea Our Coastal Grill is where the land meets the sea, offering a selection of grilled seafood, perfectly cooked steaks, and coastal dishes inspired by shores around the world. The grill accentuates the natural flavors of our high-quality ingredients, creating dishes that are both comforting and exciting.

Sustainable Seafood and Culinary Craftsmanship

Embracing the bounty of the sea, our menu proudly showcases sustainably-sourced, fresh seafood. Each dish at Saltwater is crafted with love, expertise, and utmost respect for our ingredients. The tranquil coastal ambiance that envelopes our restaurant sets the perfect tone for any occasion, complementing the dining experience with an air of relaxation and sophistication.

Embark on a Delicious Adventure

As you step into Saltwater Coastal Grill, you embark on a delicious adventure that transcends geographical boundaries. Our commitment to providing an unparalleled dining experience is reflected not only in the quality of our dishes but also in the warmth of our hospitality.

For a preview of what awaits you at Saltwater Coastal Grill, visit our website: Saltwater Coastal Grill. Explore our menu, learn more about our commitment to sustainability, and make reservations to experience the magic firsthand.

At Saltwater, we look forward to serving you soon, offering a culinary voyage that tantalizes the taste buds and transports you to the heart of the coast’s culinary wonders.

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